Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Showing Not Telling Writing Project


  • Review Tips handout
  • I-Remember Showing Project
    • You will need to locate the I-Remember Exercise that you added to in class and that you highlighted for telling sentences.  
    • You will need to expand this exercise into 2 pages (2.5 if you are hand writing your piece)
    • You need to start a new document for this exercise.  Remember that you are revising, not just making minor edits here and there.  If you merely add to what you have, you will be tempted to keep most of your writing the same.
    • Choose 3 tips from the handout to make your telling writing into showing writing.
      • If you do not have 3 telling sections, think of where you can add information to your new piece.
      • You must try 3 different tips.  If you use 1 more than once, that is fine, but it will not count towards the 3.  
    • Highlight where you used the tips, and explain which tip you used.  If you are typing, use different colored highlighting with a key at the end.  If you are handwriting, highlight and write the technique used in the margin.
    • You may still have a little telling here and there--remember you also do not want to overshow--but the majority of your writing should be showing.


  • This exercise is due first thing on Friday.

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