Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Diction Continued


    • Thesaurus Task

      Objective: To analyze possible tools in order to choose the best words for our writing

      1. You will be assigned one of the resources below:
        1. Sage thesaurus app
        2. Print thesaurus
        5.'s thesaurus app

      1. Go on to your assigned resource and play around with it.
      1. Research your chosen thesaurus resource and answer the following questions:
      1. How user-friendly is your choice?  (Is it easy to understand or confusing?)
      2. Does it offer a variety of synonyms?  How useful are these?  Give an example of some synonyms for  a word of your choice.  
      3. What is most useful about your choice?  In other words, what is your favorite feature?
      4. Would you recommend your choice?  Why?

      **Be prepared to discuss these tomorrow

  • Finish thesaurus analysis to present tomorrow

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