Monday, October 19, 2015

Workshop Time: Part II

Please copy the information below into a Google Doc. Answer the questions and share it with me.

Start a set of notes about the song in a Google Doc to be shared with me.
    1. How does this song make creative use of poetic lines?  (Look back to your notes and think back to your most recent poetry assignment--line length, white space, end stop, enjambment, etc.)

    1. How does this song make use of poetic musicality (rhyme, alliteration, assonance, ...maybe even meter)?  Please include the line of the example you are citing.
      1. What is the rhyme scheme?

    1. Does it use consonance?

    1. Alliteration?

    1. Assonance?

    1. Does it have a set meter or rhythm?
    2. Does your song use other devices (simile, metaphor, etc.)? If your song has an important or obvious one, be sure that you talk about it.

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