Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Poetry of Music Project


Ms. Hoffmann
Creative Writing
Music as Poetry Assignment

In extending our examination of how music is like poetry, we will be looking at how songs use poetic devices.  In order to start this process, there are some steps that you need to complete in class today.

Part 1:

  1. Choose a song that you like.  (It also should be a song that you have access to via YouTube or mp3 file to share.)

Title: _________________________
(Remember that you need to punctuate song titles.  They are punctuated like poems and album titles are punctuated like book titles.)

Author: _______________________
(Who actually wrote the lyrics?  You may need to Google Search for the answer.  Sometimes it is the performer, and sometimes it isn’t.)

Performing Artist: _________________________
(Some songs get covered a lot, so I need to know which version you are using.)

  1. Now, make sure that song is school-appropriate.  You may have to find the "clean" version of a song, or you may have to go looking for another one all together.  Run your choice by me if you are uncertain of what school-appropriate means.  

  • Does the version of the song you are using refrain from swearing?

  • Does the song you are using have appropriate content?

  • Does the song you are using have a music video that is appropriate to show to the class? If not, is there an appropriate lyric video that you can display?

  • Has no one else claimed your song already?  (First come, first serve.)

  • Does the song have some depth to it?  You are going to need to discuss the song’s meaning.  If you cannot figure out the meaning or are not comfortable discussing it, you need a different song.

If you checked off all of the boxes above, you need now to write me an e-mail that contains a link the lyrics of the version of the song that you are using as well as a YouTube link.  Once I receive your e-mail and approve your song, you may begin Part 2.

Part 2:

  1. Start a set of notes about the song in a Google Doc to be shared with me.
    1. How does this song make creative use of poetic lines?  (Look back to your notes and think back to your most recent poetry assignment--line length, white space, end stop, enjambment, etc.)

    1. How does this song make use of poetic musicality (rhyme, alliteration, assonance, ...maybe even meter)?  Please include the line of the example you are citing.
      1. What is the rhyme scheme?

      1. Does it use consonance?

      1. Alliteration?

      1. Assonance?

      1. Does it have a set meter or rhythm?

Part 3:

You will need to put your presentation into a slideshow or Prezi like the example we saw in class.  More details about the presentation will be forthcoming.

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