Monday, October 5, 2015

Peer Review Questions

Answer the following questions about your peer's writing in a Google Doc.  Be sure to title the document, put your name, and put the name of the person whose work you are reviewing.  You need to share this with me once you are finished.

Note:  All answers should be in complete sentences and where appropriate point to specific portions of the text/quote the text.  (You are being graded partially on completeness.)

*Peer Review Questions:
Name of the Person Reviewed:
Title of the Piece:
  • What is happening in the poem?  What seems to be its meaning?
  • What stands out to you as a reader?  Why does this portion of the poem stand out?
  • Is there any suspense in the piece?  Where and why?
  • Does the poem meet all of the criteria in the final piece checklist?
  • What is one suggestion you have for revisions?
  • What is one aspect of the piece that you really like?

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