Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Peer Review Questions

  1. Does the author use indirect and not all direct characterization?  Give an example of indirect characterization.
  2. Who is the protagonist?  Is the protagonist dynamic?  If yes, how so, and does it fit with the message of the story?  If no, is the character still functioning with the conflict and the climax in a way that makes sense?
  3. What is the story's central conflict?  
  4. Map out a plot diagram of this story.  Explain if it has all the essential pieces or not.
  5. If the story is completed, does it end without dragging things out for too long after the climax?
  6. Does it avoid following a cliche story line?  How?
  7. Favorite quote in the story: 
  8. What is something you would suggest the author change about the story?
  9. What did you like overall about the story?

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