Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Introduction to Figurative Language


  • Read this chart and answer the accompanying question

Passage 1
Passage 2
What’s the difference?
She’s beautiful.
Her hair was the orange of maple leaves in autumn; her eyes were as blue as the night sky in a painting by van Gogh.

Your eyes are as blue as the sky.
Your beauty cannot fade.
Your hair is soft as silk.
With you, I’m never afraid.
Your eyes are blue as a bolt of lightning
That imprints itself on the sky
Your hair, like a cashmere sweater,
Warm reassurance provides.  

A train is leaving to New York.
It has many coaches.
Steam can be seen floating around it.  
The ten o-clock train to New York
coaches like loaves of bread powdered
with snow.
Steam wheezes between the couplings.

I remember you waving goodbye to me.
I can picture you and your surprises.
It is hard to believe you are passed on,
Leaving my heart so blue.  
I remember you running beside the train
waving good-bye.
I can produce a facsimile of you standing
behind a column of polished oak to
surprise me
Am I going toward you or away from
you on this train?

The sea had a green tint to it.  It was tumultuous that evening and left the onlookers filled with fear.   
The green sea swept into the shallows and seethed there like slaking quicklime.  It surged over the rocks, tossing up spangles of water like a juggler catching them deftly again behind.  It raced knee deep through the clefts and crevices, twisted and tortured in a thousand ways, til it swept nuzzling and sucking into the holes at the base of the cliff.

  • Group work on larger chart.  Your segments will be due on Friday.  Prepare to explain what you came up with. Make sure that you are using credible sites to help you. 

Example 1
Example 2
Figurative Language

Expressing ideas indirectly; language used in a special way to create a special effect made up of words and phrases which don’t mean what they first appear to mean.











  • This chart should be finished by Friday

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