Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Understanding Check: Meter

*Review homework scansion of Gail White's "My Personal Recollections of Not Being Asked to the Prom"

  • Was your analysis correct?

  • Go through and answer all 10 questions until you get them correct
  • Take notes as you go explaining why the chosen answer is correct in terms of both the specific foot that is used as well as the length of the line
  • Workshop your poems if you find yourself finished early

*Peer Review Questions
  • What is happening in the poem?  What seems to be its meaning?
  • What stands out to you as a reader?  Why does this portion of the poem stand out?
  • Is there any suspense in the piece?  Where and why?
  • Does the poem meet all of the criteria in the final piece checklist?
  • What is one suggestion you have for revisions?
  • What is one aspect of the piece that you really like?

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